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~I'm still alive!! ♩♬

AH... *Guiomaru sights*
Some horribles weeks passed finally!! *she acclaims party* (?)

I think... So many time without a new entry...
Gomenasaaai~!! (>//o//<) I had no time those lastest weeks, I studied a lot for my exams and... I think they were really great!! ://3

To celebrate I finished the exams (?) I take Kaiami off her box and I took some pics of her...
·Right now, I will submitted her pics!! ://3

And... what more...? What more...?
About my BJD dolls~♥ NEWS!! ♩♪~
·Aria, [my Priscilla from Withdoll] arrived home the latest 18th January♥!! She's sooo beautiful! The little twin of Aizen [another Priscilla who belongs to my dear Yisaki♥ --> ] has no make up yet, but I will send her head to the excellent hands of Mizuko♥ --> ] I have no pics submitted here, in dA, but I will upload some pictures as soon as she has her make up.
·I finally doesn't get an Event head from Luts, I have no enough money... (u/////////u).
·Some friends and I ordered a few weeks ago some things from Luts... I'm waiting for my ♥Nyu-chan!! A Minimi Zuzu Delf Corni, she will be a cat-elf, the puppet of my dear Kaiami♥!!
·I founded an occasion to get a MD Taco from Soom... It's a recast one, but my mum prohibited me to buy her at time, so~ It's the only way I can get it... She will be my Shion♥, a dragon-master water elemental... [I think you discover I LOVE water... :___D]

So~ That's all about my BJD World!!♥
Well, I'd like to leave you here a link of my BJD Blog, I hope you really like it!!
·Guiomaru Dolls Blog:

SEE YOU~!!♥♥
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And I'm waiting for it! ♪♬

Well~♪ My life continues like another regular day, with no shocks, no changes...
But I like it!! :3

I'm studying a lot >_< [I need a holidays, please~] *pleads with folded hands*

I return to draw, I really missed it!♥
·My 2nd pic done & colored in PC is submitted yet! A Doujin♥ of me and my dear friend: AmyYamazaki~
I MUST draw, so I think I can do pictures of my OCs and my friend OCs!! :3

Right now, I feel tired and lazy... Weather affects me a lot...

About my BJD dolls~♥ NEWS!! ♩♪~
·New pictures of my dear Kaiami and Daisuke were submitted yet!! :3
·Monday 12th I hope I could do the last payment of my dear Aria♥ [A Priscilla of Withdoll I'm paying by layaway] // A magician-ghost, the twin of Aizen, the doll of my dear Yisaki~
·I'm waiting for a dress for Aria, a beautiful dress of Fairyland!!♥
·Maybe my friend get an Event Head '11 from Luts [wich I'm TOTALLY in love] and I'll bought it!! *Please Luts, be nice with Sara* ♥♥
·I'm thinkin' about my dear Shion♥ [MD Taco - Soom], my mum prohibited me to buy her in February, but with the help of my dear Yisaki, I finally found her in TaoBao, I wanna buy her through TaoBaoSpree...

So~ Dear Santa [or Papá Noel, who is calling here, in Spain], please, help me with my money, I have to save my money to buy Christmas presents for my bfriend, friends and family...
And also... I want to wish everyone, to all the world, a Merry Christmas!!♥♥
I really hope all your wishes and dreams come true, and pass the day with all the people you love~♥

I send you, through this screen, a huge mountain of kisses full of love!! [Hope these words don't seem cheesy] *embarrased*

♪♬~ ♪♬ So, here I go~ a [advanced] Merry Christmas for all of you~!! ♪♬~ ♪♬
SEE YOU~!!♥♥
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Hello everyone!!♥

I must apologize... I'm sorry cause' I haven't got enough time to read Feedbacks and comment
all you beautiful pics :depressed:
But I always♥ see them and push the :+fav: botton!! :D

My study classes develop in the afternoon and I spent one and a half hour to get there...
(Yes, I also think it's too much time...), but I am lucky because I was elected to study in one of
the most important institutes of Madrid, so I'm very, very happy♥!! :love:

Hope you could undertand it... (u//////u).

And... About my Dolls♥ News~
·I have to annouce I'm paying by layaway a Priscilla Limited from Withdoll!! :love:
Maybe I get her sooner than I thought!! I only can say her name will be Aria and she's
an OC of a joint story with my dear Yisaki:

·My dear Kaiami is suffering a style change in my mind... A change for the better, of course :love:

Twitter: @GuiomarRomantic
BJD Blog:


- - - - -

Hola a todoos!!♥

Tengo que pedir perdón porque no tengo suficiente tiempo para pasarme por aquí
lo que me gustaría además de contestar los Feedbacks y comentar las increíbles fotos que subís... :depressed:
Pero siempre veo toooodas las fotos y doy favoritos!! :+fav:

Mis clases de estudio se imparten por la tarde y tardo 1h y media en llegar!! (Sí... Yo también creo que es
demasiado tiempo...), pero tengo suerte porque fui elegida para estudiar en uno de los institutos más importantes
de Madrid!! Así que estoy muy, muy contenta♥ y debo esforzarme mucho!!♥

Espero que lo entendáis... (u////////u).

Y... sobre noticias de mis kekos...
·Estoy pagando por layaway una Priscilla Limited de Withdoll!! :love:
Quizá pueda tener incluso antes de lo que yo había pensado!! Sólo puedo decir que se llamará
Aria y que es una OC de una historia conjunta con mi querida Yisaki:

·Mi querida Kaiami está sufriendo un cambio de estilismo en mi cabeza... Aún nada seguro, pero me está encantando!♥
Un cambio para mejor, claro!!♥

Twitter: @GuiomarRomantic
BJD Blog:

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Wow... Now I can breathe easy...
My exams finished yesterday and my summer work will finish soon...

Yesterday I bought my first camera... REFLEX!! OMG I'm so happy!! :D
·New pictures of Kaiami & Daisuke uploaded!! *O*

From now I'll be here more time! ;D
OH! I'm gald if you want to see and read my blog! *O*
I write it in English & Spanish! :D
Hope you like it!! :D

See you~!! *O*
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AW! Too much time without a new entry! >o<

Well, I'd like to announce news about my life~ ^/////^
I'm moving soon... I'm working and still studying... I think the day must have got  more hours to do more things... ^-^" (I have not got too much time to dedicate to things I love a lot...)

But the most important...
·New pics of my dear Kaiami were upload yesterday♥ I hope you really like them♥
·My blog♥: Is now opened but not completed yet... (<-the mostly writing there are in Spanish, but you could use translator if you want♥).
·I have twitter!! (Finally my boyfriend convinced me ^w^). Here you are: GuiomarRomantic. ♥♥ (If anyone add me, I like to know it by DA to add you too!!♥♥).

·New things I like to get:
-My dear Surion♥ (a Chouette from LeekeWorld), my first YO-SD BJD size *O* I'm so escited! I wanna collect the salary to order him!♥
-A Reflex Camera... But I think the next month will be better to buy it... ^-^"  I must save my money for the moment...

That's all, guys! ^/////^
I hope we could be in contact by twtter or DA.

Happy summer and holidays for everyone!!!♥♥
With love, Guiomaru♥
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With photos of my BJD's! I will submit other photos and work as soon as possible!

Thanks so, so, soooooooo much for watching!!♥
SEE YOU~!!♥♥ Deviant!!♥
I buy a new computer and I still haven't got any images and works here, I hope submit them as near as possible...

Thanks so much for read!!
See you!!♥♥